01 Overview

It's hard to imagine now, but this Tuscany-style kitchen was once a combination of mismatched colors. Everything — from the ceiling, walls, paneled wainscoting, cabinets and even the formica countertops — has been given a new designer finish. Now the terra-cotta-colored floor makes sense. What a relief!


02 Cabinets, detail

The cabinets, which were previously factory-white, have been painted using a faux bois [simulated wood] technique. This clean and consistent woodgrain look has the rich and warm appearance of mahogany.

03 Stone, detail

The client requested the use of trompe l'oeil stone somewhere in the kitchen. The window provided a very nice opportunity for a "stone archway."

04 Niche

The walls were given a soft and warm amber patina. This small section of wall near the entrance to the dining room features a curved-arch niche, filled with Italian delicacies.

05 Niche, detail

A close-up of the niche reveals, among other things, a colorful bottle of olive oil filled with marinating lemons and red hot peppers. The label at the bottle's neck has been given a very personal touch with the clients' initials.

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