This two-story foyer had white walls, white trim, and golden oak floors, steps and handrails prior to Mingari Studios transformative design concept.  The client’s romantic decorating style was gracefully matched in the foyer with an olde world European makeover.



From bottom to top, a selection of faux finishes including leather, wood, metallic, and stone, as well as solid paint colors, were carefully chosen to provide this grand foyer with warmth and charm in an impressive and well-balanced manner.  The wainscoting was given a faux leather finish framed by a creamy trim colored paint.



The light oak floors were replaced with chocolate brown marble by a third-party contractor.  Mingari Studios reincarnated the light oak staircase and banister with a rich dark faux bois (woodgrain) finish.



Mingari Studios created a highly detailed olde world stone block faux finish from floor to ceiling extending across two of the four walls.



The client assisted by painting the balustrade in a satin black paint, giving it an “iron-like” appearance.



Each block was rendered uniquely, with various color tones and signs of “age and distress.”



The ceiling was given a metallic texture finish called “Charred Platinum,” a unique product from Faux Effects.



The remaining two walls in the room were painted with a rich, warm color called “Roasted Pepper.”



A view up the staircase.



A view under the staircase. Attention to detail was paid to the stone architecture in order to give a natural appearance to the support structure by using a keystone.



A view to the second level.



Mingari Studios assisted the client in choosing a new carpet selection to complement and balance the colors and textures in the room.



The curve of the stairwell is dramatically accentuated with the lines of stone block finish.



Here on the upper landing we see all the finishes and paint colors combined in harmony.



The client’s selection of furniture is well placed against the stone backdrop.



The client’s décor blends seamlessly with the appropriately designed environment.



Mingari Studios echoed the leather faux finish from the wainscoting on the lower level and painted it within the existing framed vignette on the second level.



The detail of the stone block was carried over onto the trim moulding for a stronger architectural illusion.



A view over the balcony on the second level.



The metallic textured ceiling now complements the beautiful European metal chandelier.



A graceful view down the curved staircase to the foyer.  Now the King and Queen of their castle may be presented to their guests in breathtakingly beautiful and romantic style.


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