Kids' rooms


After spending almost a year in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Bradley Caraker was able to return home to see his newly renovated house which had been given a "make-over" with the help of many volunteers throughout his New Jersey community. Bradley's love of the ocean and memories of vacations with his family at the shore was the inspiration for this nautical mural in his and his brother Billy's bedroom. Tragically, Bradley lost his fight with Leukemia and succumbed to the disease only a few days after returning home in June of 2006. Though these were his last days, his family said that he was happy to be home, and they were happy to see his face light up with smiles as he marveled at the freshly painted walls around his bedroom.


02 Lighthouse detail

The lighthouse is actually a rendering of the famous landmark located at Cape Hatteras, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


03 Seagull detail

The seagull near the door re-appears here as a borrowed subject from one of the artist's earlier works painted on a chest of drawers depicting the Barnegat Lighthouse. Here, our little feathered friend happily greets visitors entering the room and reaching for the lightswitch (which is camouflaged by the sparkling waters on the switchplate).



Photos of the mural pan from left to right around the room and demonstrate the challenge for the artist to come up with a mural in a room with limited wall space. The result is surprisingly effective: Utilizing the continuity of subjects along a common horizon line and painted into the short disconnected spaces between the furniture and the doors, the panoramic view actually pulls together to allow the viewer to feel as if they are standing, floating, or sleeping, right in the middle of the marina!



The boats with their multi-colored hulls lined up in their berths are also rendered from a photo taken in the Outer Banks, just south of Nags Head.



Elements of the mural were combined from various locations around the country visited by the artist over the previous year and form a realistic looking panoramic view of an imaginary marina, complete with lighthouse, seagulls, and everyone's dreamboat, a luxurious 70-foot Viking motor yacht.


07 Yacht detail

The Viking motor yacht is painted with dramatic perspective, adding to the illusion of depth brought to the room by the presence of the mural. This feature of the mural was painted from a photo taken at the 2005 Atlantic City International Power Boat Show where the artist had been decorating yacht interiors as part of Mingari Studios design and decorating services.


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