01 "Rattler" entry

Don't be "rattled" as you descend the staircase to the rec room in this finished basement! This southwestern icon points the way to where the fun is, partner: the saloon...yeeeeee, haaa!


02 Shooter

"When I count to ten...draw!" It seems the artist wasn't the only one in the mood to "draw" here, but neither this gunman nor the artist who placed him there behind the pool table are dangerous — just entertaining!


03 Shooter, detail

A close-up of the gunman about to enter "the saloon." The graphic figures painted on the walls of this rec room were designed to be simple tone-on-tone silhouettes. The effect provides an entertaining backdrop with an unobtrusive monochromatic flow.


04 Poker players

These poker players quietly add to the "western saloon" theme of the game room.

05 Poker players, detail

A close-up of the card players.


06 Rodeo poster

A fair & rodeo poster "hangs" on the wall, its corners curling in the hot, dry Montana air. The date for the event just happens to coincide with the date that it was painted there in July 2001.


07 Rodeo poster, detail

A close-up of the rodeo poster.


08 Rough-riders

The "Magnificent Seven" rough-riders fill the entire wall behind the computer desk in the office area of the rec room.


09 Sundown window

Home-sweet-home on the range: This trompe l'oeil window was the only subject painted "in living color." Placed behind the daybed in the TV section of the rec room, you can practically feel the cool evening breeze as the sun sets behind it.

10 Sundown window

A front-on view of the trompe l'oeil window. The client later added real curtains to either side — I guess we really tricked 'em!


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