About the Artist

Joseph James Mingari

The work of artist and decorative painter Joseph James Mingari reflects his inexhaustible optimism and child-like enthusiasm for the world around us.  His subjects often include elements of nature: rich blue skies, crisp shadows, reflecting waters and the scenery captured in his photos of travels throughout the U.S. and abroad.  All of his compositions, no matter how large or small, are carefully planned, with great consideration for the installation environment, as well as the personal interests and preferences of his clients.

As an artist, Mingari's constant endeavor is to bring a clear sense of order, balance, perspective and harmony to his work through good design and careful color choices.  Mingari Studios' furnishings, walls, ceilings and re-design services provide clients with the promise of an attractive, pleasant atmosphere and the warmth, beauty and entertainment qualities that may be enjoyed for many years to come.


Mingari Studios has been providing decorative art and design services and solutions for some of the finest residences in the greater Philadelphia region since 1996.

Individually tailored services include:

  • Private Commissions in Fine Art
  • Hand-Painted Furnishings
  • Trompe l’Oeil Murals
  • Traditional Faux Finishes (wood, stone, etc.)
  • Interior Color Consultation and Design Solutions
  • Interior Décor
  • Interior Redesign Services

Why Me?

Why should you choose Mingari Studios over so many other decorators in the market today?

Talent alone is not enough these days.  You can judge that by examples of past projects as a starting point for hiring the right individual for your project.  The work tends to speak for itself.  And of course you know what you like when you see it.  However, achieving the final result that meets or exceeds your expectations for your particular project is often based more on personal qualities such as strong communication skills, the ability to listen and follow instructions and requests, reliability, honesty and trust, neatness and respect, and just plain old likeability.  These things can make the difference between a successful and pleasant experience and one filled with stress and disappointment.

Contact Info:

  • https://www.mingaristudios.com
  • Location: Wenonah, NJ
  • Phone: (856) 464-0066

One of My Favorites

“SUNDAY in the PARK with GEORGE” by Stephen Sondheim
ACT I:  Time: 1884.  A white stage.  George, an artist, is sketching.
George:  “White.  A blank page or canvas.  The challenge: bring order to the whole.  Through design.  Composition.  Tension.  Balance.  Light.  And harmony.”
(As he continues to speak, the white stage is transformed into a park on the island of La Grande Jatte.  Trees descend onto the grass; a boat glides into view; a cutout couple appear in the distance.  The lighting gives the impression of early morning.)
This play still gives me chills everytime I think of it.  All of the characters come and go and chatter with each other and George as he paints them and they begin to form the composition.  Eventually, by the end of the act, the painting is complete...and it's amazing!  Chills, I tell you, chillllls!  And the last line of the play spoken by George:  “White.  A blank page or canvas.  His favorite.  So many possibilities....”